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Pregnancy: 28 to 30 Weeks

Hi friends and happy Friday! I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant and excited that I'm finally "caught up" on the pregnancy reports with this post. Here's to a fun and relaxing weekend!

28 Weeks // March 2018

Baby center is telling me this week is officially the third trimester. Alrighty then!

This week is officially the week where my wedding ring is starting to feel tight on my finger. I can't remember if this happened during my pregnancy with H. But the other day as I pulled off my ring to do some weight lifting in our living room, I noticed how snug it was.

I had my gestational diabetes test this week. Chugging the clear container of glucose didn't seem so bad, surprisingly. Although, as I was leaving the appointment I did start to feel a little lightheaded from all that sugar. I was told that no news was good news, so after not hearing back from the nurse this week, I knew I passed (which was confirmed at my 31 week appt).

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