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Running These Days

Thanks to everyone who left a comment, e-mailed or texted about my last post. Clearly, I'm not alone. Body image and postpartum, changing bodies can be challenging for so many. 

I want to get back to writing here regularly, so I need to figure that out, but I was thinking this week about this post as I worked on stretching my hamstrings. I was thinking about how so many things, but running in particular is more than just going for a run (although it can be that simple).

It's about setting your clothes out the night before, making a date with a running buddy, doing a little dynamic warm up before you head out, easing into your run, hitting your stride, walking when you're finished, hopefully taking 5 minutes to stretch and eating something nutritious afterward. It's more than just those 3 (or 5 or 10) miles.

These days, I'm running about 25 miles a week, trying to keep my body strong and ready to start ramping up for an upcoming trail half marathon Pete and I are bo…

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